Using a long line on your dog

Greetings Tip Toppers!

There maybe times we may need to use a “long line” on our dogs for all sorts of reasons.Maybe the recall has become a bit rusty – let’s face it,they are only human after all and all sorts of environmental factors can sabotage even the best “come when called responses”

Possibly your dog has started being a bit “rude” and rushing up to other dogs or taken to saying “hello” to pushchairs!
What ever the reason here are a few do’s and don’ts!

1/Get yourself a good quality long line about 30 foot in length,preferably with a comfortable handle.Long lines are usually lighter than the usual leashes.

2/ NEVER attach a long line to your dogs collar.This will cause jarring of your dogs neck if you suddenly pull or stand on the long line.

3/ NEVER attach it to a check/choke chain ( please note,Tip Top Dog School does not permit the use of these – but also note,if you are using one on your dog that there is a right and a wrong way to put them on your dog.The wrong way and you will choke your dog causing irreparable damage to your dogs neck and larynx)

4/ NEVER attach it to a head bridle,halti,gentle leader etc.If you do and you pull hard on the long line you will give your dog whip lash.

5/ Attach the long line to a good quality soft harness with a fastening on the back not the front.

6/Do not use the long line to “reel” the dog back in to you – this is not teaching him anything.Go and get him. Then make up your mind to actually decide to teach a proper recall – consider getting some professional help.

7/If the long line is dragging on the ground and the dog is running don’t pick it up or else you will get rope burns.Instead tie some knots in the line so that you can step on it and you will then have a few gripping spots for your foot.

8/Do not use the long line to get your dog back to you to punish him.

9/ If you are letting the long line drag on the ground tie a bright piece of ribbon etc to the end so as that make is easier to see where the end is.

10/ The long line is not to be used for tethering your dog in the garden when unsupervised.

If things seem to be getting out of hand do not despair! Get some professional help to get things back on an even keel.The relationship that you have with your dog is so important and both of you deserve to have a good quality walks together.
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