Dog Appeasing Pheromones

At Tip Top Dog School we have found the DAP products very helpful in alleviating various problems in a variety of situations including fear issues,separation anxiety, settling puppies in new homes etc.

As the firework season is fast approaching it is a good idea to consider using DAP well in advance to prepare to your dog.

DAP – Dog Appeasing Pheromones

Female dogs secrete pheromones that comfort and reassure their nursing puppies. These “appeasement” pheromones have the same calming effect on adult dogs. DAP. mimics these appeasement pheromones to reduce or eliminate stress in dogs of all ages.

DAP is a range of products which calms anxious dogs by delivering a ‘scent’ into the air. It cannot be detected by humans ( nor does it effect any other species) but it seems to have a unique effect on dogs.

It is available in three forms:

Impregnated into a collar for the dog to wear (one collar lasts about 1 month)
As a plug-in diffuser to release the compound into the air within a building (lasts about 1 month before needing a refill)
As a spray to be applied to surfaces such as bedding, or in kennels,car or travel crates. Also can be sprayed on to a bandana to be worn by the dog.

How does it work?

Pheromones are found very widely in the natural world and can have a profound effect on animal behaviour. Dogs with their sensitive noses are known to respond to them, and DAP uses this effect in a useful way. DAP products contain a compound manufactured to mimic a natural pheromone produced by bitches while feeding their puppies. In puppies it works to reassure them as they explore the world around them. It has been found that DAP works on both young and adult dogs, helping to comfort and reassure them in stressful or fearful situations.

What is it used for?

DAP is able to relieve stress or fear felt by dogs in challenging situations. In young dogs it helps when they are introduced to a new home, or to new challenges in the outside world (meeting other dogs, traffic, strangers etc). Some adult dogs become over-attached to their owners, and are excessively stressed when then have to be left alone. They can show a variety of unwanted behaviours, such as barking/whining, destructive chewing or scratching, or toileting (messing) inappropriately. Scientific research has shown that DAP can help these problems*.

* The Veterinary Record 156:533 (2005)

Are there any side effects?

DAP is not a drug and it does seem to be extremely safe to use. It is not however a magic solution to every problem encountered in worried or stressed dogs. Sometimes it appears to have very little effect, on other occasions it works very well. Probably it always makes some difference, but this is likely to be greatest if other methods are used at the same time to help the dog in question with its individual problems. There are a variety of techniques used to help dogs which are “stressed”. These are often not obvious to the layman, and so specialist advice should be sought if progress is not being made.


Helps stop or prevent fear and stress related signs in puppies and adult dogs, such as: Destruction, Vocalisation, House soiling and Excessive licking.

DAP comforts the dog in stressful environments: vet visits, fireworks and unpredictable situations and helps puppies cope with new environments.

Plugs into an ordinary socket.


Helps comfort puppies and adult dogs in situations they may find worrying such as car travel, vet. visits etc. and can also help stop or prevent fear related reactions expressed as destruction, whining, vomiting or house soiling.

Spray 8-10 pumps of DAP 15 minutes prior to expected effects into the environment (car, carrier, kennel). Effects should last approx. 2 hours


Helps comfort puppies and adult dogs in situations they may find worrying.

The collar stays on the dog at all times helping with events both inside and outside the home including: new home, strangers, unpredictable situations, thunderstorms, gunshots and fireworks.

DAP is readily available from vets,pet shops and the internet.

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