Dogs and Sticks

It seems the most natural thing in the world:

You are out with your dog, he is running about, happy as a sand boy.

He picks up a stick up and you take it from his mouth.

You are just about to throw it for him –


Did you know just how much damage this could cause to your precious pooch?

It is not uncommon for death to result, but usually it causes pain, discomfort, and often long term infection and damage.

It can lodge in your dog’s mouth, throat and even penetrate your dogs skull.

Please do take a few minutes to read this website where you can get a vet’s opinion on the dangers of throwing sticks for your dog.

Instead of sticks, why not get your dog playing with a suitable toy?

You can use a ball, a ball or kong on a rope, a Frisbee or a tuggy type toy.

For best results this toy should be ‘owned’ by you.

Don’t let your dog have 24 hour access to the toy – it should be ‘special’ – only to be played with together.

That way you will have his maximum attention when you suddenly produce it when out on a walk.

Please do think about what danger you are inadvertently putting your dog in when out and about. A fatal injury only happens once, but once is enough if it’s your dog. You can’t turn the clock back.

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